Jul 6, 2018

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Blog > Coffee pad reinvented

Scaffee has worked for years to achieve the optimum in single serve coffee. This resulted in a far more effective pad that can be used in any type of Senseo device. The main difference with all other pads is that a Scaffee pad is almost completely sealed, except for a narrow permeable edge around the perimeter of the path. This forces the water to flow optimal through the pad. The innovative system gives optimised extraction and superior taste and aroma’s. Furthermore it extends the shelf life. The original concept of horizontal extraction is an invention of Adriaan Stork. He asked Antoon Oosterhuis from Innobizzer BV for their expertise on bringing innovative ideas to the next phase, by upgrading these to valuable and IP protected concepts. During the test phase Scaffee proved to even convince consumers that till now used to prefer expensive cup coffee. The superiority of Scaffee’s pad system has been approved by professional coffee tasters as well. One of them happened to be official tester, prior to the introduction of Senseo. According to this professional test panel Scaffee’s system with 15 % less coffee delivers a similar coffee quality than conventional pads. Scaffee pads outperform all other one pod systems on environmental issues. Therefore it is expected to cause a true revolution in the world of coffee.

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