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For years, Scaffee has worked to achieve the optimum in single serve coffee. This has resulted in patented technology that creates a far more effective pad that can be used in any type of Senseo or other pad device.

The sealing on top of this Scaffee pad enforces a mainly horizontal extraction, which leads to an optimised use of the ground coffee inside the pad. Furthermore, it extends the shelf life and generates more aroma whilst making coffee.

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The success of single serve coffee from cups and pads is highly quality driven. Moreover, in the global coffee market, there is a growing aversion towards the huge quantities of waste caused by coffee cups and pads (whom are not compostable either).

Answering to both the high quality and compostable demands, Scaffee has developed the pad for its extraction method from completely compostable materials. Therefore, Scaffee pads outperform all other single serve methods in all perspectives.

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The superiority of Scaffee’s pad system has been recognized by professional coffee tasters, pad coffee manufacturers and resellers globally. With its patented extraction and fluid flow method, Scaffee opens up a whole new world full of opportunities for consumers, manufacturers and resellers in consuming and producing single serve coffee, and also other luxury warm drinks, effectively and eco-friendly, with a superior quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Scaffee's system deliver surprisingly better coffee?

In its core basis, coffee is water with the substances that are dissolved from the ground coffee. In that extraction it is important that the water is distributed as effectively as possible through the pad. Scaffee's system ensures this optimal fluid flow.

Is Scaffee's Pad system a risk to my device?

No, the Scaffee pad only provides an optimal flow profile. The pads do not change the technical load for your device.

Is Scaffee's system protected?

All techniques behind Scaffee, including the Scaffee pads, are protected in the Netherlands by patent. Worldwide patents are in pending. We also applied for patent on technical production issues, e.g on adapting pad production lines.

With Scaffee pads I smell more coffee, how can this be?

Pads made according to Scaffee's protected techniques provide improved extraction. This not only gives more flavor, but also more aroma. The latter is also because the coffee in Scaffee pads stays fresh longer a longer period of time.

Is Scaffee® a new brand?

Scaffee® is a registered brand name. Whether it will be branded towards consumers depends on the alliances that will be established.

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